At The Floral POS, we take all of our Florist Feedback seriously. When you become a member of our system, your opinion matters. Below is a list of our features, that have been driven by our Florists.

The Easiest Order Entry

Taking an Order in our system is as easy as getting up in the Morning. Choose from In-Store, Delivery, Pickup or Wire.

One Screen Order Entry

All your order information can be collected on ONE SCREEN. No more flipping back and forth as the customer changes their mind.

One Click Shopping Cart

Adding an item to your shopping cart is just a click away. Once you find the item you are looking for just click on the “add” button, that’s it.

100% Send / Receive Compatible with

Flower Shop Network (FSN), 1-800-Flowers(Bloomnet), Bloomnation (Receive Only)

Local Install with Cloud Backup

Our program is installed locally on all your computers. This makes your System stable even if you lose internet access. And we backup all your data to the cloud! What more could you ask for? Love it…

Customer Picker

Type in a customers company name, name or phone and hit enter. if they are already in the system it will automatically select the customer and put them in the order. If they are not, it will give you the opportunity to add them.

Reminder Service!

Collect your Customer Occasions, then Remind them of Their Occasions via Email or Text for Repeat Business.

Website Integration Supported

Have your Website Orders Flow into The Floral POS. We have a FTP Website API that will work with 99% of all websites! (Your website provider will have to follow our API document) Check out our Website Integrations.

Recipient Tools

Recipient favorites, Insert Customer as Recipient, Clear Recipient Info, Shop Frequent Locations, Add Shop Frequent Location on the Fly.

Print from Main Screen

Print a Receipt, Work Ticket, Combined Ticket right from the Main Screen.

Free Texting with Carrier Lookup!

You have the capability to Text Receipts, Delivery Confirmations and Much more! Update v6.2.14 or above is required…

Email Everything

You have the capability to email everything. Receipts, Work Tickets, Invoices, Statements, Reports, Payments etc.

Trash Bin

Have you ever deleted an order by accident? Has an employee deleted an order without you knowing? The Floral POS has a TRASH BIN. This allows you to look at all orders deleted, and see who deleted it, why and restore it if needed.

Copy Order

Have you ever wanted to copy an order? With The Floral POS you can! Just open the order you want to copy, click copy. That’s it.

Delivery Manager

Create a Trip, Assign a Driver, Change the Status of the Order, View the Order, Recipient Signature, Email Delivery Confirmations, Map a Trip and Much, much More. We use Google Maps, Bing Maps & Map Quest with Delivery Optimization!! You have to See it to Believe it.

Amazing Order Browser

The Order Browser allows you to view all orders. You don’t even have to go into the order. Just click on the order and it will display on the screen. From Recipients to Shopping Cart, simply amazing.

Bar Coding

Yes! The Floral POS has bar coding… from adding a bar code to an inventory item, to scanning a bar code into an order. See it to believe it.

Credit Card Processing on the Internet

No longer do you have to wait for a dial up connection. Our system connects over your high-speed internet to get your authorizations. We are compatible with all Credit Card processors.Check out our CC Processor Integrations.

Gift Card Integration

Now you can Credit / Debit gift cards inside our POS. You can sell gift cards to your customers and have them give them to their loved ones to come into your shop and by flowers & gifts!

Employee Permissions

You can setup Employee Permissions to only allow your Employees Access to the areas of the program that you see fit.

Quick Access Menu

You can setup six shortcut icons on your main screen. This allows quick access to items that are normally deep into your control panel. Can’t wait to see all our florists use this.

And Many More…

We could go on forever… contact us now to learn more!