The Floral POS has received numerous emails about how our system has help our florists. Below are several testimonials, enjoy.

Monroe Floral

I purchased 2 Years ago …Best decision ever LOVE THIS POS!!! So many bells(ha ha) and whistles. Always more to come in their updates. Jennifer Monroe Floral Washington

Hobby Hill Florist

I own Hobby Hill Florist in Sebring, Florida and have been a Floral POS client for years. Tim, Joey and Joe at The Floral POS are super responsive any time I have a question or concern. They constantly update the program, and tweak when necessary. The Floral POS is a great value for the product. It accomplishes most everything I need for my busy florist. I am looking forward to the release of the event reminder service in the future!

Burkhardts Flowers

You guys are the greatest. It is so delightful to go through a holiday with no computer/software problems. Every florist should be using Floral POS. Thank you, Marti

Central Florist of Albany

Michelle and Sue, Owners – Thanks Tim, what a great program. We have been using this for 6 months now and Valentines was our first major holiday with the pos system. The orders came in with Flower Shop network no problem and the delivery manager you have gave us the best ever driver tickets we could have had. Those tickets not only list name of the receiver but what they were to get. Myself and the drivers loved this sheet. I had one new driver and 2 repeat one and no one had a problem of where they were going and what to deliver to whom. We love the Floral POS system even though we have not used everything it has to offer, which will come in time! We are so glad that we chose your company to help us move into the 21st century.

Bella’s Flower Shop

Lea, Owner – “Third Times the Charm!” After trying 2 other $100 a month POS’s that cater to the florist industry- I found the right one for my local flower shop. Tim created The Floral POS having in mind real day to day situations that happen in our flower shops. This is what differentiates The Floral POS. Simple, efficient, yet innovative. The Floral POS is perfect for the practical yet perfectionist flower shop owner.

Country Garden Florist

Mary, Owner – Just a note to let you know, we are so loving our Floral POS! We use every aspect. The design manager for design incentives, the delivery manager just to keep organized and the pick up manager is perfect for these busy holidays at the register!!! Looking forward to printing care instructions real soon.

Laurelhurst Florist

Amy, Owner – The best gift you could have given, you did……a POS that we LOVE!!!! Thanks for what you do and have a very Merry Christmas:-)

Accent Florist

Tammy, Owner – Just want to say Thank you. Your system performed really well under extreme duress! We had over 700 customers through Accent on the 13th and 14th. Every thing was very smooth with your system. Just had to say we appreciate all your hard work for us!

The Bourne Florist

Nichole, Owner – Happy Thanksgiving! So I want to tell you how happy I am with the POS. I have really enjoyed working on this system. It does everything my Teleflora system did, but SO MUCH EASIER! I love that all the info I need is at my figure tips and finding customers, previous orders, and adding inventory is SO EASY! Thank you hope you have a great Holiday!!

Humphrey’s Flowers

Rob, Owner – We have been on TFPOS for a little over 9 months, and I wanted to let you know how happy we are with your software. We are a 79 year 4th generation family owned shop with 2 locations. After much reseach and testing, we chose to switch to TFPOS. This was due mainly to its capabilities and potential growth. Another major factor in the decision was that you were so accessible, eager to help and willing to help us make the system work for us. You have remained committed and we appreciate it. You, Joe and your support people provide a service that is top notch, and cannot even be compared to that of other software companies we have dealt with in the past.

Flowers by Burkhardt

Marti, Owner – Just wanted to tell you how easy your system is to operate. My computer illiterate 68 year old husband decided to enter an order without my showing him how to use the system and was able to complete the order up to the payment without any help. You guys are great!

Lake Grove Village Florist

Amanda, Owner – The Floral POS was so quick to use during our busiest day of the year Valentine’s Day. We had just started using it that week after switching from the Dove POS and all the employees picked it up after seeing it twice!

Jerry’s Floral Shop & Greenhouse

Jeremy, Manager – One of our most organized and easiest Valentine’s ever thanks in part to the ease of use of the best floral software on the market…. Thanks Tim and everyone at The Floral POS from all of us at Jerry’s Floral Shop & Greenhouses.

Village Florist

Kathy, Owner – We switched from our old Point-of-Sale system to The Floral POS in January 2011 because it was the simplest order entry Floral POS on the market. It helped us tremendously during the Valentines Day rush.

Dellas Maple Lane Florist

Kristyne, Owner – Thank you for our names on the orders, and we made it through with about 800 sales through your Floral POS!! worked great!! stood the test of US!! Happy Valentines day Tim and your lovely wife!!

Rockwall Flower & Design

Darby, Owner – I wanted to let you and your team know how much we enjoy using your system. It has been an easy transition and your support has been absolutely incredible and invaluable. I am so thankful we switched to The Floral POS- especially before Valentine’s Day. It helped us out tremendously to be more organized & easily train extra help on how to use it! I can’t thank you enough for creating this easy system specifically for florists- it’s a life saver!!

Mann’s Floral Shop

Gloria, Owner – We are very happy with The Floral POS. The best thing is Tim, as he goes to work right away to make changes to the program that we have requested. Also, we can talk to him on the phone and not someone out of the country or have to be called back in 2 or 3 days.I would highly recommend this program. I have had several POS programs through the years and am extremely pleased with The Floral POS.

Carthage Flower Shop

Angie, Owner – The Floral POS has been a great investment for my store. When I bought the store a few months ago they were still hand writing all the orders. I have worked at other shops that had POS systems from other companies and owners of those shops complained about how expensive they were. I wanted a POS for the shop but didn’t want to or really did I have the money to get into a contract with another floral service to get a good POS. I got on Facebook and asked other florist what they recommended and got several suggestions and after researching the systems I decided to go with The Floral POS. It’s affordable for any shop. It’s easy to use and install. You don’t need to buy any special equipment.

The technical support you get with The Floral POS and Tim Bell is awesome!

We just went through our first Valentines Day with the system and it worked very well. WE LOVE IT!! The girls that had never worked with the Floral POS before picked it up real quick and loved how easy everything was to understand. Don’t fall for those other systems or pay the high prices! Get the Floral POS, it’s really all you need!!

The Treehouse Florist

Connie, Owner – We own a small flower shop in a small community, and never felt the need for a point of sale system. Hearing nightmare stories about the problems and high prices of systems provided by the wire services, I was scared off for years. Then came The Floral POS. And I decided to take the leap, as I was tired of looking through hard copies of handwritten orders to find what I needed.

We were installed about a month before Mothers’ Day this year, and it was our easiest holiday ever. Having every order at our fingertips and the ease of separating orders to multiple drivers was a breeze. Thanks to Tim and his staff. Now, I don’t know why I waited so long!

Flowers & Things

Jay, Owner – We started using The Floral POS on January 1st of this year, Im not sure how we survived without it in the past. We are not the most computer savvy bunch in the world but we have found the system extremely easy to use. When we need help Tim and his staff are just a phone call away to help us and they have been very responsive to our needs. We are just beginning to use all of the benefits of the program and it is more valuable to us everyday. I would highly recommend the Floral POS to anyone in the industry as it has been the best investment we’ve made.

Plants & Things

Bobbi, Owner – We made the decision to drop WS two years ago—We were in deep and had to get rid of all the ties–the credit cards and Web Site were easy transitions, but I was reluctant to leave Dove POS as I loved the program!

Looked around at quite a few systems, downloaded samples and tried a few. Some were too fancy, loaded with items that were not for me, prices ranged from low to ridiculous! Then we found Tim Bell! He let us try The Floral POS for a month, but that was not necessary—I was hooked in a few days.

The way I see it, it either clicks for you or not! I found it so logical, much easier to correct than Dove and just a breeze to learn. (VERY important for a dinosaur like me!) If you are dropping a WS or just looking for a great POS give Tim’s POS a try—Happy to talk to you with any questions! From one VERY Happy WS Free florist!

Winter Springs Florist

Melanie, Owner – We are so pleased with this system and all the hands on support we get with it. After trying several different systems (Dove and Mercury) I am so happy to say that we LOVE our Floral POS. It is by far the best system available and the florist driven updates are awesome. I would highly recommend this system to anyone!